About the Writer

I’m a 20-something single white female, living in the Maritimes, and just trying to find her way in this life.

There’s moments where I sing ‘Brown-eyed Girl’ and dream that it was written about me.

I recently got a job working in the city hospital, and I have been trying to adjust with the lifestyle switch… going from full-time student, to working adult. And dealing with the newfound responsibilities that come with it (like student loans, bill payments, car/gas costs, etc…).

I have a twin sister, who is engaged, and is finishing up her Masters in Vancouver (the other Canadian Coast). Yes, we get compared to eachother ALL time time. No, we do not look alike. and Maybe, just maybe, we have that twin – telepathic crap…but that’s for us to know  (and someday take over the world).




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