Ketchup – Catch up!

I am the WORST blogger ever.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I suck.

Now that that’s over with, HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD WIDE WEB!

Incredible that 2008 is over so quickly!  (Good thing! 2008 bothered me…. I’d rather have pink bubblegum stuck in my hair than go through 2008 again!)

But in the end, I survived…. I survived a breakup, I survived the ‘divorce’ of sorts that followed, I completed the hardest course of my life, I got a job in the hospital I aimed for, I got a puppy (Max)…and survived the training that went along with having a pupster, and I survived many mini battles with my Crohn`s Disease.

So, as happy as I am that 2008 is over, I`m proud of all of the accomplishments that came with every struggle.

Now – to look forward to 2009!


onto other topics…

Poor Patrick Swayze! I have loved him since Dirty Dancing (`nobody puts baby in a corner`)…and watching him on Access Hollywood (a clip from his interview with Barbara Walters) brought tears to my eyes. He is fighting one of the most difficult cancers – and most painful – type of cancer there is. Pancreatic cancer has about a 5%, five year survival rate… and Swayze`s had already spread to his liver when discovered. Even to look at the pictures of him right now, my heart breaks. He`s lost a significant amount of weight, and is now going through extensive chemotherapy…. If anyone could win this fight with cancer, Patrick Swayze will…. he`ll kick cancer`s ass… just like he kicked ass in `Roadhouse`.



Lastly, taking another moment to think of the Travolta Family….who has sadly lost their 16 yr old son – Jett Travolta – last week…  It is never easy to lose someone so young, so suddenly. Rest in peace.



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