Snow + Puppy

….equals a concussion and whiplash for this NS girl.



If any of you have been following the weather network (’cause I sure have), you would’ve seen NS being slammed with snow for the past 5 days.

It all began on Thursday. We had flurries previously, but Thursday was the first ‘real’ snowfall / snow accumulation.

Being the excited new puppy owner, I could barely contain myself! I grabbed my camera and out Max and I went! He was running around, going crrrazy trying to catch all of the white stuff coming from the sky.

Then, in all of the excitement, i decided to pass my camera off to my Daddyo, and ventured out into the snow to play with Max myself. I was like a kid in a candy store! I quickly reverted back to my childhood…where I loved playing in the snow more than anything else imaginable.

Then it happened. As I sprinted – full force – onto the wet, snow covered lawn, my choice of foot covering failed me miserably.

Crocs, snow, and a stupid 24 yr old is a recipe for death.

Before I could comprehend what was happening, my feet left the earth, and my shoulder blades and brain protector (aka skull) SLAMMED into the ground.


and my Daddyo stood there, taking pictures, and laughing his ass off.

….now, 3 days later, I am experiencing vertigo [dizzy], near syncope [5 secs from fainting], headaches, neck/back pain, and muscle spasms.


so my advice to all…..

 keep the childish urges at bay, especially when wearing your father’s god-awful Crocs.


One Response to “Snow + Puppy”

  1. You poor thing…we’ll ‘Edward’ away the pain this afternoon!

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