A Medical View…


She walked up to it. Confidently. She knew what had to be done.
She grabbed all the cold, sterile, instruments that she would need.

After looking over everything, she picked up a glimmering utensil.

Walked up to the table.

Took a deep breath.

Then made the plunge.

She slowly sliced the silver through the fleshy covering.

A little pressure does it. Not too much. Must be delicate.

She was through.

Then, very calculating, she carefully pushed down farther.

She cut well into the inner layer.

She put some more muscle into it, making sure it was completely severed from the whole.

Only a bit oozed out the side. Not enough to complain.



She then brought the fork up to her mouth, and immersed herself in the wonderful tastes of homemade apple pie.



*picture from: http://pro.corbis.com/*




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