–: movie kisses :–

it’s been a while since i’ve written last (i know, i’m a terrible blogger right now)…

annnyways, after watching footloose, and now top gun…. i’m left putting together a collection of some of my favorite onscreen kisses….

most of you might know, i’m a huge romantic…i wear my heart on my sleeve. 🙂 so, these movies are definitely some of my most watched.

what are your fav onscreen kisses??


classic…. Richard Gere in Officer and a Gentleman. swoon!!


Ren and Ariel…fighting for the right to dance…and sucking face while doing so!


“nobody puts Baby in the corner”. I’d waltz with Mr Swayze any day!


anyone else ever felt like Drew Barrymore in ‘Never Been Kissed’??


….i giggled outloud in a movie theatre during this scene…. sigh


the tragic story of two lovers…with their families at war.


The Little Mermaid…. wow, i was in love with love at a very young age.


though i am biased, and am fond of my Mr Darcy being played by Colin Firth, but this is a great version as well!!


while talking about Colin, i HAD to mention this moment from love actually. on second thought, rent the movie. you won`t regret it!!


if you haven`t seen atonement, then rent it…. but if you`re not comfortable with incredible sex scenes, you`ll need the remote in hand. it`ll promise to make you blush, laugh, and cry.


though not a movie, this show is one of my favorite weeknight vices. House may be an asshole, but that`s what makes me love him more! 🙂


`it wasn`t over… it STILL isn`t over`…..  The Notebook will always hold the number 1 spot on my list!!

however, this movie might cause some heat! …..    (picture below)



8 Responses to “–: movie kisses :–”

  1. This is such a great idea! You have some of my favorites on here. Do you mind if I steal this idea for a Guidespot community guide?

  2. leighfellows Says:

    hey Jenn!
    of course you may!
    note, i got all of my photos randomly from google images.

  3. Thanks muchly 🙂 I’ll be sure to link to this post!

  4. […] was inspired yesterday by another blogger to find out what people rank as the best on-screen kiss. Naturally I’ve turned this into a […]

  5. tu_est_me_paramor Says:

    I agree 100%! Except for the monumental POTC3 kiss between Will and Elizabeth, you’ve got it right on the head (atonement is my fav movie evah!!!)

  6. Ashley Markham Says:

    Twilight has the most epic makeout scene.

  7. kissandra Says:

    awww this is so cute

  8. Victoria Says:

    Woohoo for The Notebook! Noah is a total Dream guy for any girl :’) I cried so hard in the movie. And It’s still #1 on my list too !

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