Another year down.


it’s my birthday.

24 years ago, I was born.

But not alone…. from that day onward, alone wouldn’t be in my vocabulary.

I have a twin sister. My wombmate. or ‘Wombie’ for short.

I don’t remember my birth, which most don’t…unless your psychologist SAYS you do…and that’s why you have issues now. But I’m lucky.

I remember being labeled ‘the bad twin’. the rebel. the one that always gave my parents a run for their $$.

I’m lucky to have understanding, and patient, parents. They gave me space when I needed it, punished me when they had to. But they always listened. Always placed themselves in my shoes (even when I thought they weren’t).

Today, I’m going to treat it like any other day. It’s another day I get to go outside and take in the perfect fall weather. Today is another day I get to see my friends, and be grateful to have them.

Today is another day that I get a little bit older.


Happy Birthday everyone! you all get a bit older today.

Nothing to be sad about! 🙂




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