Let the Past Lie


in short, I’m turning another year older in a week.

one whole week, and i can say bye  to 23.

I’m not sure how i feel about this yet.


In other news,

I’m going out to a movie with a friend from the past. I’ll skip past the melodramatics, and just tell you that he and I dated in my other lifetime (aka highschool), and we were on a talking hiatus for the past 6 yrs. This will be the first time, since rekindling our friendship, that we’ll be one-on-one.

Thank God for popcorn and dark movie theatres. Since we’ll be watching a movie, there is no need to bring up the past, or really the future. Lil chit-chat will do… and maybe, just maybe… I won’t make a complete fool of myself.

Can a person really be friends with they’re first “love”???




I’m now a graduate from the Cardiology Technology program!!!!! 🙂

I’ll be mounting that diploma onto my wall VERRRRY soon! 🙂 what a great pre-bday surprize! 🙂

(hey, and it only costed me $21,516.00, 10 hrs a day/8months of homework, stress, tears, and a now huge government loan! but definitely worth it.)

PPS. the photo is of a gentleman’s tattoo that I -at random- found online. I love it, and find it completely appropriate for this post!



2 Responses to “Let the Past Lie”

  1. 1) Holy shit I had a panic attack when I thought that tattoo was yours…

    2) Holy shit…Barry? A movie? Really??

  2. leighfellows Says:

    1) you wouldn’t like that tattoo on me?? hmmm???
    it’s pretty, but i really don’t have a good place to put a tattoo like that on my body.

    2) hahaha yup! it went really well! looks like we’ve both grown up 🙂

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