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Another year down.

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it’s my birthday.

24 years ago, I was born.

But not alone…. from that day onward, alone wouldn’t be in my vocabulary.

I have a twin sister. My wombmate. or ‘Wombie’ for short.

I don’t remember my birth, which most don’t…unless your psychologist SAYS you do…and that’s why you have issues now. But I’m lucky.

I remember being labeled ‘the bad twin’. the rebel. the one that always gave my parents a run for their $$.

I’m lucky to have understanding, and patient, parents. They gave me space when I needed it, punished me when they had to. But they always listened. Always placed themselves in my shoes (even when I thought they weren’t).

Today, I’m going to treat it like any other day. It’s another day I get to go outside and take in the perfect fall weather. Today is another day I get to see my friends, and be grateful to have them.

Today is another day that I get a little bit older.


Happy Birthday everyone! you all get a bit older today.

Nothing to be sad about! 🙂




October Skies

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well i had a dream… i stood beneath an orange sky…

yes i had a dream i… i stood beneath an orange sky…

with my sister standing by. with my sister standing by.

i said “here’s what i know now sister, here’s what i know now.

in your love , my salvation lies…. in your love in your love. in your love.”


By FAR my favorite month.

The leaves start to change colour… The summer heat dies away, and the cool fall breezes perk up.

The short-shorts are put away, the comfy sweaters are taken out.

and a cup of hot chocolate tastes so much better.

October is my favorite month.

I share my ‘birth month’ with many important people.

First off, I share it with my wombmate, Beth. Though I was the first brought into this world -by 7 minutes- she has never been `the younger twin`. She`s always been the silent fighter. Though I took on the role as `protector`when we were going through grade school, she quickly became a fiesty, vivacious woman…who no longer needed my given protection. And now – as she finishes up her Masters at UBC with her Fiancee- I have never been more proud of her… each day she amazes me more, and always gave me that push, that drive, to do better. Thank you.

Secondly, I share this birth month with my Nanny [Fellows]. We grew up not fully knowing if she was born on the 13th, or 16th, but we celebrated nonetheless!  She always kept me in check… telling me to be ‘good’ for my parents… and I now know she did this because I’m exactly like her. A fighter. A stubborn bull. A lit firecracker… a Libra who isn’t QUITE balanced. If told to choose, her and I would take the shot of whiskey over a cup of tea before bed…we coloured outside of the boxes and didn’t care for consequences.  She had a massive stroke over 3 years ago…and we were told she’d have, at most, 2 weeks to live. I said, “no. I KNOW my grandmother…she still has many years ahead of her.”     She still looks at me with those solid hazel eyes now, and I know what she is thinking. I love you too.

Many of my good friends in school were born in October:

Ms Ashley Green, my photo lab partner at SDM for years.

Robyn Woods [formally Jordan].

Mark Tobin, my longtime crush while in school.

Kristina van Eden, my best friend, my soccer partner.

and then there were many newcomers into my life:

Craig Jennex, my military coworker, my advisor of all things important.

Daniel Desroches, a friend made in difficult times in Borden, ON.

Patrick Forde, my boss, but importantly, my friend.


So today, everyone put on your favorite pair of flannel pjs, get a steaming mug of hot cocoa, and take a deep breath.

Let out a loud sigh.

Enjoy the October Skies.



Let the Past Lie

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in short, I’m turning another year older in a week.

one whole week, and i can say bye  to 23.

I’m not sure how i feel about this yet.


In other news,

I’m going out to a movie with a friend from the past. I’ll skip past the melodramatics, and just tell you that he and I dated in my other lifetime (aka highschool), and we were on a talking hiatus for the past 6 yrs. This will be the first time, since rekindling our friendship, that we’ll be one-on-one.

Thank God for popcorn and dark movie theatres. Since we’ll be watching a movie, there is no need to bring up the past, or really the future. Lil chit-chat will do… and maybe, just maybe… I won’t make a complete fool of myself.

Can a person really be friends with they’re first “love”???




I’m now a graduate from the Cardiology Technology program!!!!! 🙂

I’ll be mounting that diploma onto my wall VERRRRY soon! 🙂 what a great pre-bday surprize! 🙂

(hey, and it only costed me $21,516.00, 10 hrs a day/8months of homework, stress, tears, and a now huge government loan! but definitely worth it.)

PPS. the photo is of a gentleman’s tattoo that I -at random- found online. I love it, and find it completely appropriate for this post!