7 yrs ago….

Where was I seven years ago??

I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

I was walking down the hallway of my high school….it was first period, and i was supposed to be in class (surprize, surprize…i was skipping class again).

As I was walking around, being cautious not to be caught, I saw a girl from my grade. I’m going to call her ‘M’. Well ‘M’ was crying in the bathroom, so I asked her if she was okay. Then she started wailing, “they hit the towers Leigh!!! they HIT the towers!!!”

Leigh: “What do you mean? who are ‘they’?? what towers did they hit??”

M: ” the twin towers! they smashed into the twin towers!”

‘M’ then ran from the bathroom, in complete hysterics (I later found out that one of her family members worked in that area, but they were okay).

I didn’t understand what happened… I didn’t quite understand what she was saying. I felt like I was in a dream land, as slowly, one-by-one, people started to come into the hallways…. all murmmering about the ‘towers’ being hit.

I immediately went home and turned on the tv.

And there it was. The horrific footage that will FOREVER be etched into my memory. The first airplane hitting one tower…then what seems like just seconds later, the second plane hitting the next. Hearing peoples cries for help, seeing them leap….. all just trying to find some safety…some peace in the chaos.


I will never forget that day, and the days that came afterwards, which all lead us to where we are RIGHT now. The war in Iraq, the battles in Afganistan.

But Whoopi said it best today on The View, we can ALL shit on Bush and the current government, but sit back and realize that we haven’t had another attack like that for the past 7 yrs.

Today we need to be thankful for this hard-earned ‘peace’. Today we need to think of those soldiers that are here in Canada/US and overseas fighting. Today we need to think of what we can do as individuals to maintain solidarity and amity….

 Today we need to remember, to be humble, and to seize the day.


picture from:  http://www.poster-spezialist.de/-st/Minoru-Yamasaki-Posters_c8748_.htm


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