***though I finally have a day off from work, I’m taking advantage of it by running some errands, and studing! So, I’m re-posting one of my favorite writings from my time in Ottawa. Some of you may have read it on my facebook ‘notes’, if not : PLEASE enjoy!***

Lonliness found me tonight.
He crawled into my bed… pressing his cold feet against me.
I begged him to go away… but he persisted, unforgivingly.
“why me? why tonight?” I cry outloud
I turn on my music, I sing, but he sings louder.
“what do you want from me?!” i pleaded
“but i want it all… everything” he replies, pushing me out of my safety net.
I rush at him, try to get him off guard… but lonliness is always on his toes.
I scream, cry at him. but he does not listen.
I crawl back into my bed… gather up the blankets and pillows…
I build a fort. I bury myself deep within. The warmth fills me, and for a second I feel like I’ve won.
I laugh outloud. I smile under the covers.

A cold breeze tickles the hairs on the back of my neck.
…a reminder…
…lonliness never leaves… especially in a fort built for one.


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