Lookin’ for love…. in ALL the wrong places.



Some of you may be able to relate to this post.

Some of you may have never experience these feelings ( lucky ).

and some of you may be going through this AS WE SPEAK, and have no idea what to do about it.

                          if this is the case, i feel you’re pain.

I’m currently single. I’m definitely not ashamed, but there are moments where I can’t say ‘I’m loving it’.

after being in a long term relationship, and living with cet person, I became accustom to a certain level of constant intimacy.

to put it mildly, 

i love love.

I decided, after the ending of my previous relationship, that I was going to persue MY dreams (that I had sadly put on hold), that I was going to move away, and was going to purposely stay single during my time in O-town.

But, now that I’ve come back to the maritimes, and am working, I’m now searching for what’s missing in my life.

I have the career, the degree, the family, the amazing friends, and the puppy…. so what’s left?

I’m missing these things:

 – the lil kisses when you wake up in the morning

 – the hand-holding when you’re grocery shopping

 – the human body-pillow during movies/tv shows

 – the cuddling….oh i miss the cuddling.

 – the lil phone calls/txt messages, just to say ‘hi’ or that they were thinking of you.

  – always having a dance partner, especially when you go drinking and end up in a dance bar (note: i definitely don’t have a problem finding a ‘partner’ on the dance floor… usually there’s too many. But there is nothing better than dancing with someone you care about!). I’m also a sucker for slow songs!

 – i miss the romance…all things that go with that. The soft kisses, the ‘i wuv u’s, the flowers on special occasions (or randomly! :)), the dinner/movie/dancing dates, the encompassing hugs, spooning (BIG SPOON, LITTLE SPOON! :)), the giggling, the butterflies, and most importantly, the intimacy (whether that is nice and sensual, or diiiirty!)


So the question is, what does a girl do?

I don’t know the ‘rules’ anymore. Do we persue someone we like, or do we have to wait for them? Is asking a guy out “too bold”? What’s a dating ‘faux-pas’? And when do you give up on someone….?

Women, and Men, out there….what is your best advice?


Ps. picture came from www.myspace.com/darfurnow


2 Responses to “Lookin’ for love…. in ALL the wrong places.”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog while i was looking at thing sonline. Love is soooo hard, i feel ur pain. You just gotta go with it. When do you give up? u’ll know. you give up when you’re heart might cause someone else pain. you give up when you can see an end and still know ur alive. and then, something wonderful will come along!
    Good luck with the love! i’m gonna need it too!

  2. leighfellows Says:

    Thanks Stephanie for the response.
    I keep looking forward…for that wonderful thing to come along 🙂
    I guess we all have those feelings of hurt, and confusion!
    It’s good to know that there’s support out there for all of us!
    Thanks for the luck! I’m wishing some back to you as well!!

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