Welcome Max

Brought into this world on April 29th, 2008, ‘Max’ has now graciously joined my lil nuclear family.

On August 4th, my Mum and Dad conspired a plan where they tricked me into believing they were helping my aunt and uncle move some furniture… they were really going to New Glasgow and picking up my new lil man.

He’s a pure-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. and he snores every night like it was going out of style. But hey, I absolutely love this about him. it reminds me of my ex bf (lol). < just kiddin’!…kinda….


btw, anyone who may have seen the new Monopoly board, Canada scored 3 spots! Montreal (replacing Boardwalk!!), Vancouver, and Toronto.      My question is, where the HELL is Halifax?? or how about St John’s?? or to get REALLY creative, Dildo (which is in NFLD, for those who don’t know!)

i’m disappointed in the creators of Monopoly. i expected more from the World Edition.

I’m going to boycot Monopoly….


which is good. i bloody suck at that game anyways!


2 Responses to “Welcome Max”

  1. OMG!! I had to stop by to see more pictures of Max and I’m glad I did. he is so precious! I can’t handle the cuteness. And he snores! ahhhh, i’m sure it’s cute snoring right?

  2. leighfellows Says:

    oh, his snoring is definitely cute.
    and because he’s so young, he does a little suckleing noise as well. 🙂

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