I have officially survived my first 11pm-7am shift.

I gotta admit, if it wasn’t for the handfull of overdose patients, a couple psychodics, and your random chest pain patients, i would’ve had quite the quiet night!

Note: this is a good thing. Sleeping on the job is a HUGE no-no, so these steady pages to the ER kept me fairly awake! 

Also, since we’re on the topic of sleeping on the job, my shuttle-van driver did just that. AND didn’t answer his phone when we called about a hundred times. He litterally parked his van and slept for over an hour…. this is a REALLY bad thing to do since WE RELY ON THE VAN TO GET US TO THE OTHER HOSPITAL FOR OUR STAT PAGES!!!!!!!!!!.

can you tell i was pissed off??

needless to say, a nasty little incident report is being typed up by yours truely, and he’ll hopefully never sleep on the job again! *crosses fingers*

Anyways, i survived! yay Leigh!

Let’s see what is going to happen next! a full week of 11AM-7PM days are ahead of me!  yippee!!!

PS. Went to visit my luvers down in the valley for a surprize visit – which included drinking and kareoke! – and my lil road trip as made me miss them exponentially more. Hopefully once work settles down I’ll get to see them again!



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