American Gladiator

After much consideration, I’ve decided that I’m going to become the next American Gladiator…. as well as get into Titan’s or Rocket’s pants. 🙂

But on a serious note, I’ve loved American Gladiator back-in-the-day  when it was first popular (oh, and does anyone remember rollerball? damn.) Anyways, though I find Hulk Hogan a bit annoying at times, the continuous ass-kicking that occurs on each show makes me giggle and warm all over.

And if it was possible to have a ‘gal crush’ then I have to admit having one on Phoenix. Hott Damn that girl is fan-f**king-tastic.

She is officially my role model. This summer I’m going to get in wikid shape, and if I could look even an ounce like her, I’d be happy.



One Response to “American Gladiator”

  1. Hey, the name came from when I had to come up with an ID for a messageboard years ago and one of my old mans’ Koi jumped from our pond….and the Suicidal Goldfish was born 🙂

    And on your blog, who wouldn’t want to be a bit firmer round the midriff or have bigger (mwah mwah) GUUUUUUNNNNNS, but I quite like me just the way I am.

    But check out Jet and Lightning from the original UK Gladiators 😉

    Thanks for visiting my little world!

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