Weight Club?

So, as been told by my mother today, I have lost some weight.

now note, i’m not a ‘hefty’ girl to begin with, but i have some curves i’d like to tone down a bit!

anyways, as i’m getting my breakfast (a half a bagel and some OJ), my mom blurts out “Wow Leigh, it looks like you’ve lost weight! have you noticed??”

“uhhh…hmmm…. no…?”

*i then look down, look back up*

“maybe my boobs got bigger…?”


*insert my father’s hysterical laughter*


anyways, i have lost some weight…. i call it the “i worked two full time jobs Diet”

How does this diet work? simply! :

(a) I worked two full time jobs! Hospital from 7am-3pm, then Army from 5pm – 11pm

(b) both jobs required me to run around like a chicken with my teeny head chopped off!

(c) meals were on the go, which for the most part, was actually healthy eating (like a banana!)

(d) i walked TO the hospital, FROM the hospital, then TO the metro center, then FROM the metro center.

(e) and finally, because i didn’t go drinking every night with my army b’ys, i save $$ and my waist line from the sugarey alcoholic drinks i love to consume.

so my friends, that is how i lost weight. hopefully i can continue this tread with my pilates machine, and because i joined a ‘lose weight club’ with some co-workers. whomever loses the most weight/ % of body fat wins the pot of money! i’m totally going to win.




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