Army Life = Night Life


The RNSIT (Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo) is going amazingly well, especially after some major setbacks. We’ve had many injuries come up – bad back, pinched nerves, rolled ankles, infections, and teeth extractions – but we’ve managed to make it to our last two shows fairly sane!

Last night was our ‘Cast Party’, and a handful of the girls decided to go and get this AMAZING dress from American Apparel (which you can wear a dozen ways!), and we each got a different colour.

While getting ready, we guzzled numerous cans of beer, shots of hard liquor, and wine to-boot! And add in some girly gossip – which consisted of objectifying the other sex – we were well on our way for some drunken debautchery!

once we got into the party , at our local fleet club, the fun began!  We – being the sex kittens that we are – were being whistled at, gawked at, and caused quite the fashion statement! it was like the fab four Sex and The City gals, but times ten!

After the cast party, we of course had to make a stop at the infamous dirty dome, where we controlled the dance floor.

Another night to go down in the books.

Gotta love drunken messes in heels.


One Response to “Army Life = Night Life”

  1. that’s my girl! dresses look fantastic

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