Heart Songs

Being fairly new in the dating game, i find myself treading water, barely keeping above the waves.

Everything has changed so much from ‘back in the day’, where you could meet your newfound love of your life in your grade 12 algebra class.

Now things are much more complex. The world wide web is involved, where chats rooms and online matches are the method of choice. Where more often than not, all you find is a middle aged person, ‘happily’ married, but looking for some company.

Honestly, it scares me.

It scares me to the core.

Why can’t we meet people in the frozen food section of Sobeys? Or while walking your dog at the park?

Why do young people find it necessary to get completely intoxicated, stumble to the closest water hole, and proceed to do the mating dance? All with the hope of finding Mr or Mrs Right?


I thought I found that person.


I’ve been burnt many times before, and I’m left gasping for air.

I’ve known this one person for eons… He was always there for me, as a best friend should be. He was the shoulder I cried on, He had words of sanity when all I heard was chaos, and most importantly, He made me feel like a somebody. Someone important. Someone worthy of everything.

For years, we were co-workers, then school mates, then close friends.

and now I’m thinking of him, thinking of how much I missed him while I was away in O-town, and how he puts a smile on my face each time I think about him, or get an email/msg from him.

but he doesn’t feel the same way.

i’m amazing, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, kind, wonderful.

but there’s something missing



….and i’m left, struggling in this confusing singles world, wondering if i’ll sink or continue to swim….


anyone feel the same way?


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