motorcycle madness

Some of you may have noticed, but whenever a motorcyclist crosses the path of another, they wave. (look next time and you’ll see!)

It’s a thing. As a motorcyclist myself, it’s one of the perks of going through the silly NS motorcycle course! you get your diploma, you go get your first bike, and “bam!” you’re inducted into the ‘motorcycle club”.

now, everytime you’re on your bike, and you see another bike, you wave! (note, there’s at least 4 different waves…. the five finger wave, the low-hand wave [common with sports bikes], the peace sign, or the one finger wave…)

however, a return wave may not always occur while on the wild and crazy roadways. ESPECIALLY when you’re on the 102 highway! you’re just not always seen! so, although you may feel completely snubbed, many times it’s just due to lack of noticing.

but that doesn’t stop my daddyo from cussin a bit.

honestly, i love this man to DEATH! and since i needed a ride home from work today, he decided to pick me up on the purple honda shadow.

that’s FINE! i mean, i rather be the driver, but whatever!

the only thing is, i’m a good 5 inches above him. so as we’re cruising down the road at speeds of over 100 kms/hr, my head get’s shaken like a wailing baby. i honestly thought that my brains turned into lemon jello and my spontaniously come pouring out of my helmet. thankfully that didn’t happen, and my dad’s cussing – towards all the bikers who ‘snubbed’ him – kept me sane.

moral of the story, don’t be a passenger when you’re short, and don’t snub an older man on a purple bike.


3 Responses to “motorcycle madness”

  1. mostlylouche Says:

    Ha! Do you wave to scooters or just bikes?


  2. leighfellows Says:

    hmmm…. now that i think about it, mostly bikes.
    (you don’t see too many scooters on the highway, were the majority of my waving occurs)

  3. mostlylouche Says:

    Ah yes, I wouldn’t brave the highway on a scooter either.

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