Coming Full Circle

Well, as I sit in the rubble which is currently the state of my apartment, I’m left contemplating the past eight months.

It’s actually hard to believe that I’m done. I feel like I just got here…. watching my parents drive away… unpacking all the boxes I brought with me.

As I pull down my anatomical poster of the heart, I flashed back to the night I got home from my Christmas vacation in Halifax (where I bought it), and I remember tacking it up on my wall….eyes brimmed with salty tears. It was bittersweet… it’s a wikid poster! but it represented so much. It represented me growing up, and though I love my poster, it reminded me (as I tried to place it on the wall symetrically), that I was back in Ottawa all alone. I was no longer in Halifax where I bought it.

Now that poster is rolled up, ready to be brought back to where it was first discovered…. and ready to be placed on a new wall.

As much as I am dieing to get back to my family and friends, I’m going to miss so much here. With it being the most difficult 8 months of my life, I found myself leaning on my newfound friends for support! We cried on eachother’s shoulders – many times – and developed routines that included eachother (like going to the gym everyday after class, or eating breakfast at 9:30am together, or just the expected msn msg about that night’s homework).

Also, the independance I’ve gained is going to be gone so quickly. I began to enjoy the silence when I came home, or going grocery shopping, or wandering around the 1 bdrm apartment STARK naked. (<– seriously, don’t knock it until you try it! :).   Though I’ll still have a lot of independance in some ways, a lot is going to be lost since I’m moving back into my parent’s basement apartment until I pay off a bit of my massive loan. I really don’t think it would be appropriate to lounge around in the nude, party until the wee hours of the AM, or bring home boys for ‘sleepovers’ (though I have done it a couple times in the past… oops!).

Oh well… I have my national certification exam in April… so maybe some social restraints will be a good thing for me. Plus, I’ll just live friviously through my friend Ben since he just bought his first house!!! 🙂 I see myself sipping martinis there often 🙂

Ok, no more ranting! I really should go and pack some more, but I’ll no doubt just go and read some more amazing blogs! (ie: free and flawed, NOR, or Speak On It – just to name a few!!!)




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