Happiness Hangover??

if it’s possible… then i have one.

today was FAN-F***ing-TASTIC! i saw so many amazing heart procedures (ie. angiogram, PET scan, CT scan, nuclear stress testing, and an echocardiogram!). I was incredible to finally get to work one on one with patients, and to see things we normally won’t get to see! AND -the best part- was seeing it in the Ottawa Heart Institute… people from all over the world come there for procedures and such! so fantastic!!!!

Also, i had the most difficult patient ever (i’m sure my first of many!). Mr. X is diabetic…and proceeded to verbally attack the supervising tech about not getting to eat, and that he’s going to probably go into a diabetic coma at any minute. okay, note that my supervisor has been doing this since 1968. yeah… not long much :S. anyways, he kept bitching and bitching, and asking where’s a doctor and if there’s an endocrinologist on staff. ok..we’re in the HEART institute… we DO have Cardiologists! which are whom you’d want to see if you suddenly went into cardiac arrest. soooo, we started shaving his chest (yeah, gotta do that lol) , and he was like “oh, well this isn’t going to be attractive”….and before i could THINK, i blurted out “no way, it’s SEXY”…. shit Leigh. good one. but whatever, it made him lighten up a bit! then we were asking his medical history, and he said “i think i was a bad boy in my previous life”…then looks over at me and says, “i bet YOU’RE a bad girl”… with a straight face i replied, “maybe i am…*wink*”.

good public relations Leigh.

oh well, i had a patient come up to me and give me one of her “free meal” tickets!!! it honestly pays to be polite to the woman who said her mom is an alien and her dad is a merman.


i’m so happy, rainbows and fairy dust my shoot out of my ass shortly. 

on a side note; i almost kicked on of my classmates’ ass today. some people don’t have any fucking class. honestly.

PS. Mr. B (my lov-ah for over 15 years) gave me a wikid shout out on his blog ‘carnival’ today. i’m so honoured right now, i actually called my mom and told her. she obviously wasn’t as psyched about it like i was, but damn. so honoured 😉

PPS. I’m watching American Idol and getting a kick out of it. Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia” with Jack Black, Robert Downing JR, and Ben Stiller as the Pips…. holy shit, made my night. laughed my ass off, and will probably spend the $$ on buying the video on itunes. hot damn.


and the winner is……… (not telling!) but know that i LOVE HIM and he won by 12 million f—ing votes! holy F! 🙂                         oh god, he’s crying. oh god, i’m crying. *heart melts* .






“sing, the last thing on your mind, the last thing on your breath, …i’ll be the one to keep you… i’ll keep you at your best..” <yeah, it’s from the Old Navy commercial. whatever 😉


2 Responses to “Happiness Hangover??”

  1. Oh. My. God. You’re basically Nicole Richie from the Simple Life at work, aren’t you? I frigging love it..

  2. leighfellows Says:

    i hope that’s not a BAD thing! *eep!*
    oh well… i keep it ‘fresh’

    damnit, i need to NOT make comments in the am!

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