David Cook, Marry Me…

Ok, for the first time since Kelly Clarkson, I can truely say “i watch American Idol”.

I only do this for one person, and one person only. and that is David Cook. He progressed – fashion wise – in front of our eyes. He was always good looking, but tonight he looked GREAT. He cut his hair, he wore a leather jacket, and had his guitar in hand.

I melted when he finished singing his final song, and tears were rimming his eyelids. I kept yelling, “come to leigh-bee, she’ll cuddle you!”

Though Simon went for the youngin’, David Archuleta, my heart still holds out for Mr. Cook (aka future hubby). Don’t get me wrong, David Archuleta has the voice of a man twice his age, but he’s what… 17 yrs old? but looks/acts like he’s about 14? I just think he’s (a) too young , and (b) i would like the opportunity to fantasize about an american idol, and ever since musical downfalls like : Ruben Studdard, Fantasia,and Taylor Hicks, America has to give me something!!

So, I`m left sitting here, anxiously, wondering the output of tonight`s show.


Quickly want to also mention, Hell`s Kitchen, hell yes! Right now, `Matty` lobbed of the tip of his finger, and it`s now lost in the chopped meat. hahahahaha Damn. And Gordon Ramsey is of course on the prowl. Another gorgeous, powerful man for me to objectify. fuck yah.


Goin` to the Ottawa Heart Institute tomorrow!!! so excited for this class trip since we don`t have a Heart Institute back home. pretty psyched!




One Response to “David Cook, Marry Me…”

  1. David Cook is the better voice and will make a better album (why style will Archie sing besides gospel?) but shouldn’t win so he doesn’t get bubblegummed by execs. Let the mormon have it so his psycho stagedad doesn’t beat him for coming in second.

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