ok, I have a problem

 I heard that the first step is to admit the problem… well, i admit it… i have a post-it note problem. i have them EVERYWHERE!!  i have them on my desk, i have them on my laptop, i have them on the picture frame ON my desk, i have them all over my wall, i have them on my binders, i have them littered all over my school work, i EVER have one on my computer at school (well… the computer i use most of the time in the lab!). oh dear.

it only becomes a major problem when i`m looking for some information that i wrote down…on a post-it… which is now SOMEWHERE in my apartment. and then becomes a bad game of `where`s waldo`,but with a sticky note.

i`m hoping i`m not the only person like this. i`m actually starting to have nightmares about my addiction. i`m looking at my stack of stickies, and i have: orange ones, pink ones, purple ones, and green ones. i have ones that are shaped like big lips, i have ones that are shaped like flowers. i have ones with snowmen on it, i have ones with sassy monkeys on it (those i have at work..aka army). I even have L ones, that remind me of Laverne and Shirley LOL.

Bad, eh?

I’m actually mildly  embarrassed… but only mildly :>

on other news, i have successfully wasted another day where i should be hardcore studying. My final exam is THIS thursday…. the test that says “Leigh, you may not be a complete goofball, and may have found your calling in life”. so here’s hoping i don’t royally fuck it up. I know the stuff inside and out (litterally hahahaha sorry), but i get tripped up with multiple choice… if it was ‘short answer’, damn, i’d probably get a mark in the high 90’s…. but ohhh no. they have to give me 200 multiple choice questions, all of which are so BADLY written, i don’t even know what they’re asking me.

it should be a good time! ha ha ha

oh, btw, 9 days til i’m back East!!!

i’m out for now! gotta at least TRY and study!  sigh!   I promise to be witty and bitchy at a later date!!! xoxo


One Response to “ok, I have a problem”

  1. I should be sued for how many post-its that I used (wasted) while working for the government. It’s not even fit. However, I never got this bad: Number five http://oddee.com/item_95415.aspx

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