WordPress, yay or nay?

I’m still torn on whether to use this site, or blogger. Maybe it’s due to my lack of website experience, but I just can’t figure this one out. I like this ‘twitter’ contraption, but I can’t get it to work on this site… only on my blogspot site. What is a girl to do?!

Oh well, while I’m here, I might as we post some pics from the ‘Tattoo Day’. It allll started months and months ago when I casually mentioned “we should all get tattoos to represent our time together doing this course”. Well, Brit and Nikkers took me to heart  (lol) and we decided that on May 16th we were to go get inked.

All those who know me, know I like love tattoos (especially on my pale body!). So I was all for it. However, I am also very cautious about my tattoos. I always fear a tattoo I may ‘regret’. So, as the date got closer and closer, the more anxious I got.  I honestly spent more time pondering this hypothetical tattoo than studying for my eminante exams (thank GOD i know Holter…and luckily got an 82% and didn’t study a wink! oops!)

Anyways, on the eve of May 15th, the design came to me (at 2 in the frickin’ morning). So, I sat up and drew. On the afternoon of May 16th, I was ready.

BTW, who knew tattoos on the ribs were the most painful….? cos I sure didn’t! But that wouldn’t stop me, I’m a sucker for pain, and I wanted it to be hidden unless in my ‘suits’ *birthday or bathing*.

So, here are some pics. One is mine, and the other is my stunning friend Nikki -from beautiful Golden, BC!

(Note: Four of us went for tattoos… myself, Nikki, Brittani, and Karen)

Twin Ribbon

Nikki (and Brits) Treble/Bass Clef heart


2 Responses to “WordPress, yay or nay?”

  1. You TOTALLY have boobs! No implants (sorry to all reading this as you will always be wondering whether I’m reading between the lines of a post, or drawing from our phone conversations).

    Stick with wordpress. Seriously. I’d make the switch but I’m too lazy. If you need help figuring junk out, there are plenty of people who will surely chime in.

  2. hahahaha
    after looking at this photo (taken this morning), i actually blurted outloud “my God, are those boobies?!?!?” hahaha
    but thanks 🙂

    I’m also thinking of sticking with wordpress…just have to learn how to put twitter up on it 🙂 one step at a time!

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