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Home… Finally…

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Well… after 17 hrs of straight driving (with only minimal stops to pee and gas up), I’m finally back in lil Fall River, wondering how I’m going to survive unpacking and settling into a new routine – at my parents place!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lovin’ the fact that I’m home (I actually went and layed on the grass for quite a while…and was content on staying there until i rotted away), but I’m sad at the idea that my independence has been severely diminished while livin’ with the parental units.

I heart them though, and they are being AMAZING about my newfound lifestyle – yeah, minimal red meat and animal biproducts…exercising… just eating healthy, is quite the change! – but dancing naked in the living room, post-shower, will have to be saved for the days they’re not home. . .

oh well, thank god for public transportation, a basement apartment, and amazing friends whom will remind me of the pros and keep me sane.


i will post pictures of our Ottawa-Halifax trip soon!


Love being back! 🙂



5 Mins

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Since it’s 6:30am, and I only have a bit of time before getting ready for class, I thought I’d post a quiz I filled in last night!

enjoy!  (its a way for ppl who don’t know me TOO well to read my deep dark secrets! )

1. Male Friend: Ben B, and Jason H
2. Female friend: Ashley S, Kristina vE
3. Vacation: to Cuba in grade 12

1. Time of day: 9:29am (a minute before going on break… longest minute ever!)
2. Day of the week: Monday by far!
3. Food: asparagus! and mustard!  bleh!

1. Person you saw: Brad (after saying by to Karen, after class)
2. Talked to on the phone: My superintendent!
3. Text: Brad
4. Messaged over MySpace? pfft… Myspace? in my past!

1. What are you doing right now? getting ready for class!
2. Wearing? sweatpants and sweatshirt (hot, i know)
3. Better than yesterday? nope!
4. Did you see the person you like? i stole it… from someone i really don’t know.
5. What’s the weather? overcast and windy!

1. Is: Wednesday
2. Got any plans? packing and cleaning the apartment!
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: still having to go to school

1. Number: 16
2. Song: Kisses and Cake (from the PS I Love You Sdtk)
3. Season: Autumn!
4. Cartoon: Astro Boy

1. Missing someone? of course!
2. Mood: exhusted, a bit anxious
3. Wanting: to crawl back into bed!
4. Listening to: Canada AM on the tele!

True or False
I am a morning person: True (gotta be when you’re in the army & working at a hospital!)
I am an only child: false! i have a twin 🙂
I am currently in my PJ’s: true… i DID sleep in this
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: no, but wounded
I can be paranoid at times: true
I currently regret something that I have done: false
I curse frequently: somewhat true…
I enjoy country music: very true! 🙂
I enjoy hip hop: true
I enjoy techno/trance: true ❤
I enjoy talking on the phone: true, at times
I have a hidden talent: true, but i don’t know how hidden it is!
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: true
I have all my grandparents: false, RIP poppy fellows!
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor: true
I have changed a diaper: true (bleh!)
I have changed a lot over the past year: VERY true!
I have done something illegal: true…
I have had major/minor surgery: true
I have had my hair cut within the last 2 months: last 2 months? nope! need a haircut tho!
I have had the cops called on me: haha true.

Single or Taken: single
Eye color: dark brown
Height: 5’6″
Righty or lefty: righty
Can you make a dollar in change right now? haha unfortunatly
Musical talents?: hahaha no…… ok, yes, i play the flute.
Athletic: yup!
Can be a good bf/gf?: damn right, i’d be amazing!!! 😉 care to find out??


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I have to get ready to go to class (“career strategies…snooze!!!), but I came across this while checking my email.

An actor who is appearing in the upcoming Harry Potter film is killed in a brawl in London… STABBED to death.

So saddened. Check out the article by the link above, or here.

Coming Full Circle

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Well, as I sit in the rubble which is currently the state of my apartment, I’m left contemplating the past eight months.

It’s actually hard to believe that I’m done. I feel like I just got here…. watching my parents drive away… unpacking all the boxes I brought with me.

As I pull down my anatomical poster of the heart, I flashed back to the night I got home from my Christmas vacation in Halifax (where I bought it), and I remember tacking it up on my wall….eyes brimmed with salty tears. It was bittersweet… it’s a wikid poster! but it represented so much. It represented me growing up, and though I love my poster, it reminded me (as I tried to place it on the wall symetrically), that I was back in Ottawa all alone. I was no longer in Halifax where I bought it.

Now that poster is rolled up, ready to be brought back to where it was first discovered…. and ready to be placed on a new wall.

As much as I am dieing to get back to my family and friends, I’m going to miss so much here. With it being the most difficult 8 months of my life, I found myself leaning on my newfound friends for support! We cried on eachother’s shoulders – many times – and developed routines that included eachother (like going to the gym everyday after class, or eating breakfast at 9:30am together, or just the expected msn msg about that night’s homework).

Also, the independance I’ve gained is going to be gone so quickly. I began to enjoy the silence when I came home, or going grocery shopping, or wandering around the 1 bdrm apartment STARK naked. (<– seriously, don’t knock it until you try it! :).   Though I’ll still have a lot of independance in some ways, a lot is going to be lost since I’m moving back into my parent’s basement apartment until I pay off a bit of my massive loan. I really don’t think it would be appropriate to lounge around in the nude, party until the wee hours of the AM, or bring home boys for ‘sleepovers’ (though I have done it a couple times in the past… oops!).

Oh well… I have my national certification exam in April… so maybe some social restraints will be a good thing for me. Plus, I’ll just live friviously through my friend Ben since he just bought his first house!!! 🙂 I see myself sipping martinis there often 🙂

Ok, no more ranting! I really should go and pack some more, but I’ll no doubt just go and read some more amazing blogs! (ie: free and flawed, NOR, or Speak On It – just to name a few!!!)



i’m DONE

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As of RIGHT NOW, I’m done my cardiology course. D-O-N-E!!!

i have classes next week, but it’s just ‘career strategies’…. so basically resume writing! a breeze!!!!

In less than 6 days, i`ll be home… breathing in the cool ocean air, and preparing for my 2 month placement at the main hospital.

it`s funny how life changes so quickly!!!  someone pinch me, i gotta be dreaming!

Happiness Hangover??

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if it’s possible… then i have one.

today was FAN-F***ing-TASTIC! i saw so many amazing heart procedures (ie. angiogram, PET scan, CT scan, nuclear stress testing, and an echocardiogram!). I was incredible to finally get to work one on one with patients, and to see things we normally won’t get to see! AND -the best part- was seeing it in the Ottawa Heart Institute… people from all over the world come there for procedures and such! so fantastic!!!!

Also, i had the most difficult patient ever (i’m sure my first of many!). Mr. X is diabetic…and proceeded to verbally attack the supervising tech about not getting to eat, and that he’s going to probably go into a diabetic coma at any minute. okay, note that my supervisor has been doing this since 1968. yeah… not long much :S. anyways, he kept bitching and bitching, and asking where’s a doctor and if there’s an endocrinologist on staff. ok..we’re in the HEART institute… we DO have Cardiologists! which are whom you’d want to see if you suddenly went into cardiac arrest. soooo, we started shaving his chest (yeah, gotta do that lol) , and he was like “oh, well this isn’t going to be attractive”….and before i could THINK, i blurted out “no way, it’s SEXY”…. shit Leigh. good one. but whatever, it made him lighten up a bit! then we were asking his medical history, and he said “i think i was a bad boy in my previous life”…then looks over at me and says, “i bet YOU’RE a bad girl”… with a straight face i replied, “maybe i am…*wink*”.

good public relations Leigh.

oh well, i had a patient come up to me and give me one of her “free meal” tickets!!! it honestly pays to be polite to the woman who said her mom is an alien and her dad is a merman.


i’m so happy, rainbows and fairy dust my shoot out of my ass shortly. 

on a side note; i almost kicked on of my classmates’ ass today. some people don’t have any fucking class. honestly.

PS. Mr. B (my lov-ah for over 15 years) gave me a wikid shout out on his blog ‘carnival’ today. i’m so honoured right now, i actually called my mom and told her. she obviously wasn’t as psyched about it like i was, but damn. so honoured 😉

PPS. I’m watching American Idol and getting a kick out of it. Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia” with Jack Black, Robert Downing JR, and Ben Stiller as the Pips…. holy shit, made my night. laughed my ass off, and will probably spend the $$ on buying the video on itunes. hot damn.


and the winner is……… (not telling!) but know that i LOVE HIM and he won by 12 million f—ing votes! holy F! 🙂                         oh god, he’s crying. oh god, i’m crying. *heart melts* .






“sing, the last thing on your mind, the last thing on your breath, …i’ll be the one to keep you… i’ll keep you at your best..” <yeah, it’s from the Old Navy commercial. whatever 😉

David Cook, Marry Me…

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Ok, for the first time since Kelly Clarkson, I can truely say “i watch American Idol”.

I only do this for one person, and one person only. and that is David Cook. He progressed – fashion wise – in front of our eyes. He was always good looking, but tonight he looked GREAT. He cut his hair, he wore a leather jacket, and had his guitar in hand.

I melted when he finished singing his final song, and tears were rimming his eyelids. I kept yelling, “come to leigh-bee, she’ll cuddle you!”

Though Simon went for the youngin’, David Archuleta, my heart still holds out for Mr. Cook (aka future hubby). Don’t get me wrong, David Archuleta has the voice of a man twice his age, but he’s what… 17 yrs old? but looks/acts like he’s about 14? I just think he’s (a) too young , and (b) i would like the opportunity to fantasize about an american idol, and ever since musical downfalls like : Ruben Studdard, Fantasia,and Taylor Hicks, America has to give me something!!

So, I`m left sitting here, anxiously, wondering the output of tonight`s show.


Quickly want to also mention, Hell`s Kitchen, hell yes! Right now, `Matty` lobbed of the tip of his finger, and it`s now lost in the chopped meat. hahahahaha Damn. And Gordon Ramsey is of course on the prowl. Another gorgeous, powerful man for me to objectify. fuck yah.


Goin` to the Ottawa Heart Institute tomorrow!!! so excited for this class trip since we don`t have a Heart Institute back home. pretty psyched!